Bit Torrent Kit

> What is it?

TorrentKit is essentially Apache, Python and BitTorrent
put together in one package. It allows you to run a simple
webserver and tracker without configuring anything
and with really simple install.

> Where can I get it?

> Any special instructions?

YES! You MUST extract this file to C:\ so that it creates
a directory called C:\TorrentKit

TorrentKit will not run from any other directory than C:\TorrentKit !!!

> How does it work?

The most important question.

In the C:\TorrentKit directory there are 3 scripts.

make_torrent.bat -> To make ".torrent" files.
run_tracker.bat -> Runs tracker
run_webserver.bat -> Runs webserver

To create a "seeder" just use the normal BitTorrent client
and try to "resume" on the complete file you already have.

> How to make torrents?

Use the "make_torrent.bat" script. As announce URL use
the your dynamic URL (from for example)
and add a port number and /announce.

For example you got the address ""
to point to the IP of your home PC. Then the announce URL
you would use is:

Leave the "piece size" default.

After you've finished making the torrent files, don't forget
to copy them into the C:\TorrentKit\Website\ directory.

> Platforms?

Any modern version of Windows should work.

> Support?

NONE, but you can always reply with questions to this thread
or make a new thread about it and it may get answered.

> Tips?

Get a dynamic address at instead of
using your IP. Even if your IP doesn't change often it's
going to be easier to remember your URL.

Also it might be wise NOT to run both the "uploader"
and the rest (website & tracker) on the same machine.

The uploader will consume all / most bandwidth and
make the other components (website & tracker) awfully
slow to access by others.

> Restrictions?

You need ports 80 and 6969 open for the website
and tracker to work and be accesible by others.

You also need port 6881+ open if you want to run
an uploader from your computer.

In other words, you can't be behind a firewall or NAT
if you want to run TorrentKit.

> Documentation?

None. Ask here if something is not clear.

> Why the version number and "Experimental"?

It's not been tested very well (but should work) and it's
not quite at the level I would have liked. If I have time I
may expand it later.

> Disclaimer?


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